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Oct 8 6pm---- Central Arts, Bedford TX

Sep 25 3-8pm---- Harvest House, Denton TX

Sep 17 6pm---- Central Arts, Bedford TX

April 2 5-8pm---- Central Arts, Bedford TX

March 17 6-8p m---- PAAC, Denton, TX

Feb 26 12-5pm---- PAAC, Denton, TX

Feb 5 4-8pm----- Central Arts, Bedford TX

Jan.8 4-9pm ----- Central Arts, Bedford TX

Dec.11 4-9pm ----- Central Arts, Bedford TX

Nov.20 6-10pm ----- Central Arts, Bedford TX

Oct.30 6-10pm ----- Bearded Monk, Denton TX

Oct. 23 3-8pm ----- Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, Denton, TX

We're hard at work planning a number of events around the DFW metroplex for this summer, but we've already got some tables booked at a couple really cool shows, please come out and support us and all the great artists that will be there selling their work!

Oct. 3 6-10pm ----- Central Arts, Bedford, TX

Denton Comic Art Exposition----- August 7th @ GDAC, Denton, Texas

Pints and Prints #1--------August 14th, The Bearded Monk, Denton, Texas

Unicorn Club---------- June 19th @ Post, FtWorth TX

FtWorth Zine Fest--- -August 1st @ Doc's Records, FtWorth, TX

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