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At Triangle Nonprofit Publishing it is part of our mission to be available to the public. Each year we will accept submissions from the general public until 15 works have been chosen.

Since we are not a commercial publisher, we chose to focus on work of artistic and literary merit that is slightly outside the mainstream. Instead of selecting what to publish based on focus groups or market research we employ a 3 way test.

1) Publishability- how much work will it take to turn your manuscript into a finished book? We provide a lot of hands on assistance in finishing works, so while we can create original art, provide editing and typesetting, and all kinds of other wonderful things, there are only so many volunteers and hours in the day, and we do have to budget our time to some extent.

2) Uniqueness- we strive to publish work that spans the artistic and literary spectrum, therefore, work representing styles, voices or genres currently underrepresented in our catalogue are preferred.

3) Order Received- We want to publish all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, we hate to turn down even a single submission, but reality has its limitations, so in the interest of being as fair as possible to the general public, we will be considering submissions in the order received.

Please start by sending a SYNOPSIS and a PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION of your COMPLETED MANUSCRIPT to the link below. please include your EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION, name, age and some brief personal details. No file attachments, please.

If your submission is selected you will be contacted via the email and asked to create a packet containing the manuscript and appropriate releases.

We are excited to announce we will be able to offer a 30% contributor royalty!

Please donate today to help our mission of nonprofit art and literary publishing!

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Triangle Nonprofit Publishing is 501c(3) nonprofit art and literary publisher founded in Texas in 2021 which exists to promote art and literature and fund charitable organizations through nonprofit art and literary publishing